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DiagnOZe: Work and Travel in Australia Paperback Book (German Version)

$ 40.00

Written by your Superhost Peggy Hieronymus


To purchase the Kindle version (English) for $5 from Amazon: CLICK HERE


Have you had a closer look at Australia yet? I have. A colour change in my life, in the middle of nowhere, that’s how I would describe my love of adventure across the kangaroo country, Australia. I had to give up great coffee, Thuringia dumplings and white Christmas with my arrival in the Outback of South Australia. Instead, I got told the dreamtime stories of the Aborigines under the burning Outback sun in the dessert. Aborigines can choose to break out and go “walk about”, to collect life experiences and survival skills out there. I was living on the East side of Germany before the fall of the wall, the German Democratic Republic. I had no choices, it was more like being caught in a cocoon my whole life. But, if you check out the peaceful and well balanced Australia in the 20th century, like where we are right now, it seems like you step back 20 years in time compared to our normal modern lifestyle in Europe. I mean especially when you get stuck for four years in the middle of nowhere like me. I didn’t plan anything, I just followed my heart, making most of my decisions spontaneously. Some people said, I am crazy. Yes, I agree. I am a bit crazy. Life is crazy, and the whole book is as well.

I thought to diagnose Australia, speaking from my heart, loud and proud, about all the strange and sometimes weird people I met on my journey through Australia.

Why do Aussies need stubby holders for their beers? Why do backpackers fall in love with Sydney (and usually run out of cash pretty quick!)? Why do Aborigines chew on kangaroo tails? And, why do cowboys take their pants down while dancing to “Eagle Rock”?…

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